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We provide mold inspection services in New Jersey. A simple mold inspection can benefit you and your family in many ways. We also offer a guarantee on our mold inspection services. Our mold specialist technician will come to your home or property to inspect for mold growth and its symptoms. They will visually inspect the surrounding areas using an infrared camera and measure the humidity levels with a humidity monitoring device. If there is any visual mold present, our technician will take samples and send them to the lab for further inspection.

After completing the remediation work, all the air will be scrubbed and vacuumed to remove any ambient mold spores. Green Guard Mold Remediation of Edison provides comprehensive mold inspection and remediation services. Our expert technicians are equipped with the latest technology to detect and address mold issues effectively. With a  guarantee, you can trust our services to ensure a healthy living environment. Whether it’s a visual inspection with infrared cameras or humidity level checks, we leave no stone unturned. If mold is detected, samples are sent to the lab for a thorough analysis. Post-remediation, we scrub and vacuum the air to eliminate any residual mold spores, ensuring your home is safe and mold-free.


Mold  is a serious concern that requires prompt and efficient remediation to ensure a safe and healthy environment. At our company, we specialize in comprehensive mold remediation services in Edison NJ, addressing mold issues promptly and effectively. Our services are designed to not only remove existing mold but also prevent new growth, providing homeowners with peace of mind.We understand the importance of minimizing disruptions to homeowners’ lives. That’s why we strive to complete mold remediation tasks swiftly and efficiently, allowing homeowners to return to their properties as soon as possible. Our team offers time flexibility, including weekend services, to accommodate our clients’ schedules and ensure a seamless remediation experience.

How Does It Work?

If visual mold is detected, our technician will take a swab of the mold and send it to the lab for assessment of fungal growth. Additionally, the technician will photograph potential mold areas in the property, which can serve as legal evidence if needed.

In cases where moisture is found behind walls or surfaces, the technician will use an infrared camera to document these locations.

Green Guard Mold Remediation of Edison, located in Edison, NJ, understands the inconvenience and stress that come with fire damage. This is why we do our best to restore your home back to its standards as quickly, efficiently, and thoroughly as possible.Within hours, Green Guard Mold Remediation of Edison will contact you with a detailed explanation of the lab results and provide a complete remediation plan if necessary.

If the findings indicate that remediation is not required, a clearance report along with the lab results will be emailed to the client.



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